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Regency Dental Patient Club

Our patients can now feel much more comfortable getting that much needed dental work done. Regency Dental has developed a membership program for our patients in need. The patient club costs $129.00 per year and is only available to patients without insurance. Once you become a member, the patient club is accepted to all 3 of our Port Saint Lucie locations and is valid for one full year. The plan actually saves you money on the first visit and can be purchased at any time.

Patient Club Membership Benefits:

Each member will receive:

  • Comprehensive Oral Evaluation (1st Appointment)
  • 4 Bite wing X-rays (2 per year)
  • Panoramic X-ray (1st Appointment)
  • Periodic Oral Evaluation (1)
  • Limited Exam (4 per year)
  • Periodontal Eval. (5 per year)

The total value of the patient club is $1,013.00. Each member will also have reduced pricing for all services including implants, orthodontics, surgeries, Etc. You can print out the application by clicking the blue button below. Don’t forget to fill it out and bring it in with you when you visit! You can also do your new patient form online as well HERE

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